TEAM UP Statement

In the last several weeks, we have witnessed the deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, and Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick. These deaths are not isolated incidents, but rather a continuation of the racist violence perpetuated against Black people for centuries.

TEAM UP for Children joins in the call for justice and respect for Black lives. We will stand united with communities of color to dismantle structural racism and oppression and to condemn white supremacy in all its forms.

The TEAM UP Community shares a common vision that all children and families live within a community that fosters and promotes physical and behavioral health, wellness, and resilience. Racism is a public health scourge that directly impacts our collective ability to realize this goal, and we are united in our conviction that it must end.

In recognition of the traumatic nature of recent events, we offer mental health resources for providers, staff, patients, and families within the TEAM UP Community and beyond.

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackMentalHealthMatters

TEAM UP Statement