Transforming and Expanding Access to Mental Health Care in Urban Pediatrics

Why TEAM UP for Children?

1 out of 5

children experience a mental health issue


years average delay in receiving proper diagnosis


of children with mental health issues receive treatment from a mental health professional

TEAM UP has created a sustainable, adaptable, and replicable model that strengthens pediatric primary care for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is all children and families will live within a community that fosters and promotes physical and behavioral health, wellness, and resilience.

The future is integrating mental health, wellbeing, therapeutic, and social-emotional understanding into all of our infrastructures – into schools, our medical care, our workplaces, and all the spaces that we share together. TEAM UP is creating a sustainable behavioral health care delivery model that will mediate stress and burn out and ultimately, allow us to take care of each other.


of practices have successfully implemented model the TEAM UP Model™

TEAM UP is grounded in the belief that access to services to promote behavioral health and family strengthening is a social justice issue. TEAM UP improves access to evidence-informed, integrated pediatric behavioral health care in structurally marginalized communities.

TEAM UP spans promotion, prevention, and treatment for behavioral health issues; it serves children from birth through young adulthood; and has demonstrated positive outcomes on children and families, the clinical workforce, and system-wide utilization and cost.