We work with healthcare practices to provide the tools, clinical training, and technical assistance needed to implement a successful integrated behavioral health care model.

Who We Work With

Healthcare Professionals

We partner with medical providers, behavioral health clinicians, community health workers, family partners, and those interested in a career in integrated behavioral health care for children and families.

Community-Based Organizations

We partner with community-based mental health providers, early intervention providers, schools, community health centers, and other community-based organizations.

Partnership Benefits

  • Data-driven to enhance outcomes
  • Grounded in process improvement and equity
  • Adaptable to promote practice fit and sustainability
  • Shared learning within peer networks
  • Designed in collaboration with TEAM UP practices
  • Maximum skills development
  • Minimal impact on clinical flow

Ways to Partner

A partnership with TEAM UP can mean many things, depending on your practice needs and goals. Practice transformation is a journey, and practices often start at different places. Our team will collaborate with you to determine how we can best tailor our services to support your practice.


Pediatric Practices

Since 2015, TEAM UP has partnered with community health centers in structurally marginalized communities to deliver evidence-informed, trauma-responsive, integrated behavioral health care directly to children and their families. TEAM UP can help any pediatric practice (or practice that serves children) implement the model over a defined timeframe, supported by the TEAM UP Learning Community. ​Generally speaking, the model can be implemented over about 2 ½ years, including a planning phase, an implementation phase that includes clinical training and practice transformation, and a sustainability phase.

Network Collaborations

TEAM UP can also partner with an established network of practices to support full model implementation across the organization.  Support builds upon the network’s established working relationship with its practices and is tailored to the network’s specific needs.

Capacity Building and Workforce Development

A flexible alternative for practices that want to engage with the TEAM UP Center is through our Capacity Building Approach. TEAM UP will collaborate with your practice or network to build capacity in specific areas of interest, such as workforce development, integrated behavioral health core team workflows, including universal screening and warm handoffs across the care team, and condition-specific care pathways, including ADHD, anxiety and depression.

How we work

Interested in learning how TEAM UP can partner with your organization?