Impact of TEAM UP

Better Outcomes for CHILDREN & FAMILIES

Improved Identification of Child Behavioral Health Issues
  • Screening rates for social, emotional, and behavioral issues at TEAM UP sites significantly exceed documented state-wide rates and are consistent regardless of race, ethnicity, or language.
Increased Receipt of Behavioral Health Services
  • Children who receive a warm hand-off had 2BH visits before children with routine referral had 1BH visit.
  • Children with a new diagnosis of ADHD were more likely to have follow-up with BHC within 30 days.
Improved Child Outcomes
  • Decline in polypharmacy rates.
  • Rates of psychotropic medication use did not increase.
  • Children’s behavioral health symptoms improved over time.

Pediatrics 2022
Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics 2023


Improved Workforce Wellness
  • Increased perceptions of workforce satisfaction, improved interdisciplinary collaboration and communication, greater professional fulfillment
  • Less burnout

Clinical Pediatrics 2019
Journal of Ambulatory Care Management 2023

Better Results Across the Healthcare SYSTEM

Increased Engagement
  • Relative increase in the rate of primary care visits
  • No significant change in avoidable health care utilization or cost

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JAMA Network Open 2023

As a clinician and clinical supervisor at my practice, I’ve seen firsthand how TEAM UP’s deep expertise and ongoing, in-depth, evidence-based interventions empower clinical staff to deliver higher quality, more reflective care for youth and families.

– Julianna Brody-Fialkin, MSW MPH LICSW
Project Manager, Integrated Behavioral Health Clinician
DotHouse Health