Meet the Team

Chris Sheldrick, PhD

Co-Director, Research & Evaluation
Chris Sheldrick, PhD is a research psychologist, a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UMass Chan Medical School, and the Co-Director, Research & Evaluation of the TEAM UP Scaling and Sustainability Center. Dr. Sheldrick’s research focuses on the mental health of parents and children with a particular emphasis on optimizing community-based screening and interventions. Collaborating with Dr. Ellen Perrin, Dr. Sheldrick helped to create the Survey of Wellbeing of Young Children, a freely available comprehensive screening instrument for young children. His current research is directed toward improving systems of care through pragmatic research on real-world interventions, including perinatal psychiatry access programs, integrated behavioral healthcare in pediatrics, and parent-mediated interventions in early intervention settings. Dr. Sheldrick’s contributions include methodological innovations in community engagement, decision-making, and systems science to optimize and promote equity in the delivery of mental health services.