Enhance Universal Screening

Screen for social, developmental and behavioral issues, parental concerns and Social Determinants of Health, including basic material needs

new translations available

TEAM UP collaborated with the developers of the SWYC (Survey of Well-Being of Young Children) and the developers of the PSC (Pediatric Symptom Checklist) to translate the screeners into new languages

TEAM UP implemented universal screening with the SWYC, the PSC, and the PHQ-2/9

Provide Access to Integrated Behavioral Health Care

Address material needs and identify emerging behavioral health issues

Build population health strategies and care management workflows

Engage, assess, and treat behavioral health issues with evidence-based, transdiagnostic interventions

TEAM UP has implemented symptom monitoring with the PSC for children receiving behavioral health services

specialty services

TEAM UP provides expedited access to a BMC consulting psychiatrist and testing for developmental concerns

Strengthen Families of Young Children

Navigate families through Early Intervention services


Promote strength-based parenting and encourage access to early childhood education

Develop and deliver a brief therapeutic intervention designed for the integrated setting - BRANCH - Building Resilience And Nurturing CHildren

See BRANCH Brochure (PDF)